What do Lewy bodies have to do with dementia?

See below. Lewy bodies are accumulated bits of alpha-synuclein protein. They accumulate inside the nuclei of neurons. The areas of the brain where these proteins accumulate will be affected and in turn will affect aspects of functioning that this part of the brain control, either memory or motor control, or both. . More info: http://www.Alzinfo.Org/07/about-alzheimers/other-forms-of-dementia#dlb.
Good Rx available!!! Dopamine meds for physical parkinsonism: Azilect (mao-b selective inhibitor) & sinemet +/- Comtan (stalevo (carbidopa and levodopa and entacapone) is both together). Tailor rx watching for side effects. Avoid Dopamine agonists (requip xl/mirapex er/neupro)--too side effect prone for lewy body patients. For dementia: namenda, paired with Exelon patch or aricept. For psychosis: seroquel or even clozaril. For excess sleepiness: nuvigil.
Pathological Cause. Lewy body inclusions kill cortical neurons leading to dementia. It featuresmilder physical symptoms than parkinson's disease typically. (slowed movement, stiff/rigid muscles & posture, possibly resting tremor). But early dementia, often with associated psychosis (visual hallucinations), excessive sleepiness, depression, anxiety, apathy, & rbd = rem behavior d/o (acting-out of dreams in rem sleep).