What are mood disorders besides mania and depression?

Cyclothymia also. I agree with drs. Fox and ali -- but want to add cyclothymia also in the mood disorders. It causes emotional ups and downs, but not as extreme as in bipolar disorder type I or ii. It is not very common but starts in teen years -- and stable periods last less than 2 months. Can bring about all kinds of difficulties, if untreated.
Variety. Not a complete, but a brief description. Manic and depressive episodes referred to an episodes within the mood disorder. Roughly, bipolar is when person alternates between mania/hyponia and depression; for depression, you have to have a depressive episodes. Psychosis can accompany either mood disorder; there are also mood disorder when sx are not completely met for either depression or bipolar.
Moods. Organic mood do (cause is something physical such as thyroid disease, or medicines such as amphetamines), mixed state (both dep. & mania), or unspecified.