Are myths and misperceptions preventing you from having a happy relationship?

Communicate. When we enter a relationship, we bring in our own belief system based on many factors: family of origin, personality, life-experiences. Non-verbal cues might be read differently in different cultures it's important to keep communication open in a relationship. It's a cliche, but relationship is a constant work. Whatever you might call a "myth", might be a form of belief for someone else.
Relationships. Misperceptions are the prime reason for anxiety and yes they create myths in terms of our relationship beliefs. Try to listen carefully to learn the truth about your partner and the situations you encounter together. An open minded partner allows for conversations to flow without judgement and mythical stereotypes. My best.
Relationship beliefs. Social science research reveals that the following can have deleterious effects: the belief that disagreements are destructive, that mind-reading is essential, that partners cannot change, that sex should be perfect every time, that men and women are vastly different, and that great relationships just happen. These beliefs appear to put people at risk for relational distress and dissatisfaction.