How can I prevent jock itch?

Simple measures. Showering and putting on clean underwear after an activity, proper laundering of underwear (which includes allowing them to thoroughly dry), drying your groin completely before putting on clothes, and application of antifungal sprays and/or powders can help prevent jock itch.

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How can I prevent Jock Itch from recurring?

Jock Itch. Keep your groin area dry & change underwear at least daily. Avoid clothes that are too tight. Boxers may cause less chafing then briefs. If you have athletes foot treat it at the same time as jock itch.
Treatment - If jock itch isn’t too severe you can use over the counter medications (spray, powder, lotion or ointment) for at least ten days beyond resolution of symptoms. Read more...
Avoid risk factors. Common in healthy individuals, certain medical conditions e.g. Diabetes, increase the risk though. Avoid tight clothing, moisture/increased sweat, obesity. Read more...