What's nonspecific urethritis from?

NSU, also known as… …ngu (non-gonococcal urethritis) is most often a disease transmitted by vaginal/oral/ anal sex; may involve chlamydia, trichomonas, or herpes. Occasionally urethritis can be caused by friction (intercourse or masturbation), detergents/ soap, or excess alcohol. Diagnosis reached by eliminating possible causes.

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How is nonspecific urethritis diagnosed?

NSU/NGU is diagnosed. By excluding possible causes: gonorrhea, other std's, excessive alcohol or caffeine, allergy to soaps or detergents. In majority of cases, cause is std like chlamydia, trichomonas, or herpes. Testing is done via urine or a specimen swabbed from the end of the urethra. Read more...

What causes nonspecific urethritis to develop?

Mycoplasma. Is a less common infectious cause that is not easily diagnosed by looking at the urine or doing a routine urine culture. Read more...