How is epiglottitis in children prevented?

Immunize!! In epiglottitis, symptoms can include sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, muffled voice, and airway obstruction (life-threatening). If you suspect epiglottitis in someone, they need to be seen at the hospital immediately. Since the hib (hemophilus influenzae b) vaccine became part of the regular immunization schedule, epiglottitis in children has become much more rare.
Immunization. Immunization with Hib vaccine effective way to prevent epiglottitis caused by Hemophilus influenzae. In the United States, children usually receive the vaccine in three or four doses: At 2 months At 4 months At 6 months if child is being given the four-dose vaccine At 12 to 15 months Vaccine not usually given above 5yo.