How are pulmonary sarcoidosis and autoimmune diseases related?

The immune system. Different parts of the immune system are involved in causing (due to an excessive reaction) problems in autoimmune diseases vs. Sarcoidosis. The cause of sarcoidosis is unknown.

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Has wobenzym been proved to help with pulmonary sarcoidosis?

Dont think so. No. I did not know about it and did a few qualified web search on this product. Sarcoidosis is a different beast altogether with lot of controversies and, not talking in negative about this product about other indications or its belief, even the standard treatment of steroids is questioned by authorities. I would not rely on this.

What is the way to treat pulmonary sarcoidosis stage 3?

See a doc. You need a medical consultation with pulmonologist and continuous observation. It can be treated with medication ie steroid or anti-inflammatory.

What is the pronosis for someone with pulmonary sarcoidosis stage 3?

Discuss with Doctor. Pulmonary sarcoidosis stage 3 is a descriptive term of the x-ray of your lungs-they have bilateral pulmonary infiltrates. This may indicate chronic or progressive disease or both. You should also have pulmonary function tests to evaluate your lung function. You should discuss all of this in light of your clinical history and course with your doctor. This discussion witll give you a prognosis.

Is there any treatment for pulmonary sarcoidosis besides prednisone?

Maybe nothing. Treatment for pulmonary sarcoidosis in the modern era may involve "watchful waiting" instead of treatment with prednisone, or any other immune-suppressing medication. Treating too early with Prednisone may increase one's chances for recurrent disease, causing docs to wait to treat until there is evidence that the function of a vital organ--lungs, heart, brain, eyes, kidney--has become affected.

Looking for some facts on pulmonary sarcoidosis?

90% cases of sarcoid. 90% of cases of sarcoidosis are found in lungs pulmonarysarcoidosis can develop in pulmonary fibrosis which interfere with breathing, it can be asymptomatic or have following symptoms cough whic is constant shortness of breath weight loss fatigue night sweats pain in chest fever wheezing chest xray, pfts, ace levels in blood, o2and co2level in blood. Lund biopsy, bronchoscopy may help in diagnosis.
Facts. Common in blacks, effects mainly lungs but can affect eyes, skin, and heart. Treated with steroids. No known cause. Can go away on its own.

6 mo ago I had bilirubin+ in urine but all blood work normal. Retested 2 wk and 5 mo later, and all normal. Does this require further workup? Doc seems unconcerned. Btw I have pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Bilirubin. Bilirubin in the urine is not normal, but if all your liver function tests were normal and you've had susequent urinalyses showing no bilirubin, I'm inclined to believe that the original test was a lab error in interpreting the dipstick. It's possible you passed a silent gall stone back then however. An ultrasound of the liver and gall bladder could be done for the sake of completeness.
Bilirubin. If the test is now normal, probably nothing to worry about, especially if your blood work for liver function tests was normal. By the way, sarcoid can affect the liver. Any concerns, ask your doctor about them.

There any effective treatment to cure sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease?

Yes. There are treatments for sarcoidosis although these have been studied less thoroughly than other diseases. Steroids are usually the first choice and are very effective for most patients who require treatment. Spontaneous remissions occur and immunosuppressive medications are needed in severe cases. There are racial differences in response to treatment and severity of disease. Cures are variable.
No. Nothing that I know of is curative. There are several medications to help control it.