Can someone consume alcohol while taking flecainide?

Should not. Flecainide is used for heart rhythm disturbances, many of which can be caused by alcohol. Alcohol, especially when taken regularly in even moderate doses (2-3 drinks/day) can actually damage the heart muscle in predisposed people. It also has numerous drug interactions, and can lower therapeutic levels of many drugs. You need to talk with your doctor about your alcohol use.
Possibly. Alcohol can depress heart function (lead to congestive heart failure) and that combined with Flecainide makes for a dangerous situation. In general, as alcohol affects the liver and Flecainide is cleared through the liver, it is not a good idea to combine heavy alcohol use with flecainide. However, combining low amounts of alcohol and Flecainide may not be a problem.

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Can someone consume alcohol while taking flecainide meds?

No. Why do I always think anybody who is asking "can i drink" is generally somebody who is drinking too much? Flecainide is prescribed for cardiac arrhythmias, and alcohol can itself cause cardiac arrhythmias, or worsen pre-existing ones, as well as interacting with the many medications used to treat it. Does your prescribing doc know you drink, and you should discuss it with him/her. Read more...