Why does my heart beat speed up and slow down?

It depends. Heart rate varies naturally with your breath. In some folks, it's really obvious & called "sinus arrhythmia" which is not harmful. With that, your pulse consistently slows when you breathe in and speeds up when you breath out. However, there is such a thing as "too fast" usually over 100 at rest, and "too slow", usually under 50 at rest. See your md if you are not sure.

Related Questions

Why does my heart speed up when I stand up? My heart has been acting strange lately. When I am seated my heart beat is normal, around 60 beats per minute. But when I stand it jumps to around 100 bpm. Should I be worried about this?

When. When a person stands up it is normal for the heart rate to transiently increase, but in your case this jump in heart rate is a bit more than expected. You may be dehydrated. When sitting, blood pools in the legs. When a person stands, the heart and blood vessels act in a coordinated way to compensate against gravity and maintain adequate blood flow to the brain. When adequately hydrated, this is easy for the heart to accomplish and the change in heart rate is minimal. If a person is dehydrated, a larger percentage of their blood is pooled in the legs and the upper body blood vessels are relatively depleted. The "tank is empty" so to speak. In this circumstance it is harder for the heart to compensate for the standing, and in order to maintain an adequate amount of blood flow, the heart has to speed up. Try increasing your fluid intake and avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol, both of which act as diuretics. If your symptoms do not improve, see your doctor for further evaluation.

My heart beat fast and hard from walking from my couch to bathroom or kitchen, but when I sit down it slows down. But it beats fast when I bearly walk?

NOT NORMAL. See your doc for a complete physical and you will need evaluation obviously of your heart and pulmonary system, if u do not have a doc then go to the er and they will work you up and refer u.

Why does my heart beat fast when I lay down after a long day?

Heart fast supine. Need to know what you mean by fast? It may beat faster for a short time because when you assume the supine position the fluid collected in your lower extremities reenters your blood stream your heart must beat faster to move it around until you pee out the difference or until your BP and heart rate control systems thinks things are OK.

Why does my heart beat fast when I am doing nothing. It seems to do it more when I lay down or are relaxing and I also get shaky hands and legs?

Count it. The question here is: is your heart primarily beating out of rhythm or reacting to something else? Your shaky hands and legs, for instance, raises the question of low blood sugar (1 example) which would cause your heart to beat in the 100-160 range. If your pulse is 180 or above, it's a primary rhythm problem. A heart rhythm monitor (24 or 48 hour or 30 day) could sort this out as well.

Hearinrg my heart beat while laying down at night?

Tinnitus. Hearing your heart beat in your ear, called tinnitus, is often benign however there are rare disorders that you should discuss with your doctor to determine if a specialist check-up (ENT) is in order. Some people are more sensitive to the rush of blood through the blood vessels near the ear and this is what causes tinnitus. Some may also just hear the heart beat at quiet times & this is benign.

What does it mean if my heart beat is strong and rocks my whole body when I lay down?

Strong heart beat. If you are having extra heart beates, you may pperceive tham as strong beats or feel there is a fflip flopping in your chest and body. Talk with your doctor about this.