At what age can I give a teen the right to make his meals (besides peanut butter sandwiches)?

Confusing question. A successful parent will use life events to continuously teach a kid how to fend for themselves. This may require significant monitoring in the early stages, with reminders about hygiene and cleaning up after.A kid at or older than 8 usually has the ability to do such things when they are given the chance. Kids earn privileges through exemplary behavior. They are born with their rights!
Parenting 101. The job of a parent is to prepare our children to function as free thinking and free standing adults so they don't need the parent anymore except for advice if requested. That means we teach them the skills that are needed to do so from day 1. We teach them how to dress, tie shoes, and later how to cook, drive, balance a checking account and manage money. Teenagers can cook now.!