What's a prolapsed bladder due to?

Poor support. Loss of bladder support is from a combination of factors including genetics, smoking (damages collagen), child birth, heavy lifting, chronic straining (constipation) and aging to name a few.
Bladder prolapse. Damage to the pelvic floor tissues that support the bladder may occur with vaginal delivery, aging, prior pelvic surgery, heavy lifting, chronic cough, smoking.

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How to tell if you have a prolapsed bladder?

Here are some. .. Clinically, you may feel some pressure in vagina at standing up for a while or some change in urine flow. Physically, you may see something visible bulging out of the introitus of vagina as cystocele of various degree. For detail and confirmation, see urologist or uro-gyn-doc timely.
Physical exam. That should be something you're gynecologist or family practitioner can tell you on a routine speculum exam of the vagina.

What can you do for a prolapsed bladder (68 years old)?

Many options. The best option depends on the severity of the prolapse. Also, age and medical problems can affect choices, as patients with serious medical issues may not tolerate surgery. A pessary can be placed into the vaginal vault to correct the prolapse to a degree (this is the least invasive option). Repair of the prolapse can be done as well. Best to see a urologist specializing in female urology.

Please tell me what to do for a prolapsed bladder over 68?

Urogynecologist. If it is bothering you, the sub-specialty of urogynecology is the place to look. We specialize in the treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, of pelvic prolapse. You can find a doctor at www. Augs. Org.

How does Estrada e cream help prolapsed bladder?

Stronger vag. Wall. Estrogen cream is frequently use with a pessary support (from within the vagina, holding up the bladder) to prevent infection and vaginal wall erosion. THe latter makes bladder prolapse much worse. Estrogen helps strengthen and maintain muscles in the top of the vagina, which also supports the bladder and prevents further prolapse. It may reverse it but that is not definitive.
Doubtful. I understand this is an estrogen cream? This may lessen your vaginal symptoms of discomfort, pressure, dryness, however, it probably does not help to reduce the prolapsed bladder, but your handling of the symptoms may improve.
None. The harmone cream helps the lining of the Vagina to become normal, These are commonly used in cases of prolapse when lining of the vagina is thin and fragile. But it does not lift the bladder up, if that is what you are expecting.

What are available treatments for a prolapsed bladder?

Surgery to suspend. Bladder suspension surgery is the best way to treat a prolapsed bladder. Surgery is best performed by a urogynecologist or a gynecologic urologist.
Surgery. If significant or pessary. If not marked then kegels exercises and pelvic floor therapy as well as avoiding straining or prolonged crouching/squatting is an option.

Could a young woman with no kids nor pregnancies have a prolapsed bladder?

Possible. It is possible, but not overly likely - you should have a thorough exam if you are concerned. If you have not had an exam then I wonder why you are concerned over this - symptoms of urinary bladder prolapse may include recurrent bladder infections, pressure in the pelvic region and even prolapsed tissue into the vaginal opening - it should be checked.

My urologist said I have a mildly prolapsed bladder. I am 60. Should I avoid certain activities/exercise? I don't want to make it worse.

Prolapsed bladder. Please do continue to exercise! Try not to put too much stress on your abdomen but really, as long as you do not have incontinence, you're okay to do whatever you'd like. While exercising, please looking into pelvic muscle exercises.
Prolapse is a hernia. Basic treatment for a mild prolapse is do go kegel exercises without bearing down. And not lifting heavy things ie more than 10 lbs and staying away from exercises that make you strain and use your core muscles.

I have a prolapsed bladder they gyro said I could have a bladder sling are there any risks and if I don't have surgery will it get worse?

Bladder. Hopefully your md is going to discuss the risks with you. There are risks with every surgery. You should have a lengthy discussion with your md and receive a written consent form to review as well. Yes, the sling has risks. Have you spoken to a urogynecologist about this? In general, bladder tends to worsen over time, but it depends on several factors. Seek qualified help.