Can a man with a varicocele still be fertile?

Unlikely. A varicocele is a mass in the scrotum caused by defective valves in the testicular veins, which cause blood to pool, and the veins to expand. The pooling blood raises testicular temperature and affects testosterone and sperm production, which can affect fertility. Men can still have babies w/ this, but the odds are lower. Tx safely w/ varicocelectomy, ligation, or embolization.
Yes, most .... Most of men with varicocele are fertile and capable to impregnating their healthy sexual partners. It happens to almost 10-15% of men in general population, but found in some 35% of men who are evaluated for infertility. Despite knowing that poor semen quality can be improved in some after varicocelectomy, some controversy around it continues. Detail? Ask doc in expertise timely.