What's varicocele embolization?

Blocking flow. Varicoceles are caused when the valves that prevent backflow in the spermatic vein fail, causing the veins of the scrotum to dilate because of high pressures. Embolization destroys the spermatic vein (which cannot be repaired), allowing collateral veins with functioning valves to take over the flow and normalize the pressures.
A way to block... Varicocele embolization is an innovative means to treat voricocele at need with injecting embolizing coil + sclerosing agent to induce proximal level at spermatic vein entering left renal vein performed by interventional radiologists, so to cause blocking spermatic vein and in time, collapsing varicocele, with a claim of improving semen quality and pregnancy rate.
Blocking veins. Embolization means "clot making." the doctor injects coils into the testicular veins to block off and scar them. Sometimes a caustic fluid is used instead. Either way, a catheter is inserted in your neck vein and snaked down to the testicular veins where the coils or fluid are released. You and your doctor should discuss best treatment option in your case. See http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/va.