What are symptoms of acute urinary retention?

You can't urinate. You can't urinate. When things get worse it's painful and you can have renal failure. For more: @thepeedoc www. Peedoc. Com.

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What are symptoms of chronic urinary retention?

Variable. Sometimes no symptoms, sometimes frequency, wetting the bed at night, infections, kidney failure; a clue to chronicity is lots of volume in the bladder with minimal sensation of fullness.

What are the risks of acute urinary retention?

Pain, renal failure. If you have acute urinary retention, you can't urinate and it can lead to renal failure, not to mention it's very painful.

Must I call my doctor if I have acute urinary retention?

Go to ER. If you can't urinate, go to er or your urologists office immediately. For more: @thepeedoc www. Peedoc. Com.

Should I continue to drink fluids with acute urinary retention? The more I drink the more uncomfortable and pain I am in and can't pass urine

Here are some. .. With "normally" healthy kidneys, drinking more water forces kidneys to excrete more urine to avoid water intoxication but to fill up the bladder faster to its overdistention resulting in more damage to the bladder. So, to confirm if you indeed have acute u-retention, go to urgent care or ER for evaluation by checking urinalysis with properly collected urine and residual urine after detailed Hx. ..