What are the risks of chronic urinary retention?

Poss kidney loss. Chronic retention of urine, if not relieved, will back up flow into the kidney and over time shut the kidney down. If the problem is related to the bladder, it may affect both kidneys due to back up of urine flow to block both kidneys.

Related Questions

What are the risks of acute urinary retention?

Pain, renal failure. If you have acute urinary retention, you can't urinate and it can lead to renal failure, not to mention it's very painful.

What's chronic urinary retention defined as?

Long term. As opposed to acute, chronic urinary retention is defined as inability completely empty your baldder that is long term and likely permanent.

What are symptoms of chronic urinary retention?

Variable. Sometimes no symptoms, sometimes frequency, wetting the bed at night, infections, kidney failure; a clue to chronicity is lots of volume in the bladder with minimal sensation of fullness.

What to do about my chronic urinary retention and pain?

Urologist. See a urologist for evaluation. This will likely involve an office cystoscopy and possibly urodynamics testing.

What can I do about my chronic urinary retention and pain?

Here are some… Obviously, you need a comprehensive urological evaluation and counseling so to define how to protect your bladder from further damage by recurrent urinary retention and to decide the possibility of bladder functional recovery. Of note, there is no magic but to cope with the reality, certainty, and an certainty of bladder dysfunction. So, ask your urologist for specific details timely.

If I have chronic urinary retention how would care for my catheters?

You would. Many people have catheters and take care of them. Keep them clean. It's really just plumbing. Urologists are often considered the "plumbers" of the body. For more: @thepeedoc www. Peedoc. Com.

When must I call my doctor for appt if I have chronic urinary retention?

Now. Your doctor is the one who should make a diagnosis first, then he/she will recommend appropriate way to manage this problem.