What's a Foley bladder catheter?

Helps to pee. A tube to help pee.
Indwelling catheter. Tube used for continuous bladder drainage, made of silicone, plastic or latex with an inflateable balloon to keep it in place in the bladder. It this has two channels, a larger one for urine and a smaller one t for water to inflate balloon once it is in the bladder. There are also '3 way foleys' which have a third channel ; are used tofor continuos bladder irrigation after urologic surgery.

Related Questions

Signs of bladder catheter coming out?

Leaking. Of urine and discomfort are most likely the symptoms you will notice.

Elderly patient has blocked bladder. Catheter not helping. What options are there to drain urine, what to do?

Suprapubic catheter. Check out http://www. Webmd. Com/cancer/bladder-cancer/tc/suprapubic-catheter-care-topic-overview for info on suprapubic catheter that can be used to drain bladder when urethra is obstructed. Discuss goals of care w/patient assuming has decision making capacity. If demented, may try to pull out catheter. What's underlying diagnosis & health/condition. Perhaps palliative care & hospice is appropriate.

Can I buy a bladder catheter and set it up myself? Or another way to cleanly collect my urine without going to the hospital or using a bucket / cup?

Why? What do you plan to do with the pee. Your physician /pcp can provide you with these materials if they are needed & part of an ongoing evaluation or treatment. Otherwise the catheters are regulated medical devices in most states & require a prescription for sale by a medical supply house.