What are the types of wounds?

Wounds. There are many types of wounds. Some of the major categories of wounds are: trauma, surgical, venous, arterial, neuropathic, burns and pressure. The term wound can also be generalized to any open area of the skin so that even dermatological illnesses can get categorized as wounds until a definite diagnosis can be made. Other are combinations of the above such as the term 'diabetic wound'.
More types. Autoimmune, infectious, malignant are other considerations. By the way, diabetic is not truly a cause but rather it causes loss of sensation (neuropathy) that allows for the wound to develop. There are other types of neuropathies besides diabetic including spinal cord injury, nerve injuries, etc.
Many types. Wounds may be caused by localized or systemic factors. Wounds may result from: neuropathy, venous disease, sickle cell, diabetes, pressure and trauma. Have it evaluated to obtain the appropriate treatment.