Which factors affect the risk of bone fracture in older women?

Many factors. The important factors are osteoporosis, lack of activity and other health problems she may have.

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50year old male had L1comprassion bone fracture. Whith history of osteoprosis what. Is the best recomended treatment and the cost in Amirca?

Many considerations. Treatment for an L1 compression fracture depends on the severity of compression and if there is any neurologic compromise or bone fragments extruded into the spinal canal. A minor wedge compression fracture is always treated nonoperatively. Treatment of the underlying osteoporosis is an important medical condition, and can be addressed by the primary care physician or orthopedic specialists.

My 11 year old son had a collor bone fracture and the doctor advised to put sling for three weeks and a follow up after one week, what more to be done?

Clavicle fracture. Each fracture has its own personality. If it is a "better" personality fracture, that sounds reasonable. It depends upon the x-ray, exam, mechanism of injury.

My mom got above elbow bone fracture an left leg fracture and doctors have done plaster an told as that she needs to be operated she's 65 years old?

1 or both? . @ times casting seems 2 b the best way 2 treat either fracture but the bones may lose position & then they can be unacceptable and surgery is then needed. Other times casting or splinting r used 2 hold fractures until swelling goes down b 4 surgery. If you are not satisfied with the care a second opinion should b obtained.

My 84 yr old mom has extreme pain in upper arm with some swelling, X-ray says no bone fracture...Where do we go from here. It is interrupting sleep.?

MRI. At the very least, she needs to be evaluated with a physical exam and an mri. Rotator cuff tears are common in her age group and can present like this. Also, an MRI can be used to look for other types of pathologies like tumors.

Lower back pain w/tingly sensations in legs & back. Is this a bone fracture from osteopenia? No dairy/supplements in 8 months. Age 30/female/sedentary

Not necessarily. A fracture. You could have any other things rong like a herniated disc or the likes. You should see an orthopedist and have it checked out.

How should vitamin d deficiency increase the risk of bone fracture?

Vit D nec for bones. Vitamin d and calcium are the necessary for bone health and the lack of either can contribute to osteoporosis.

How does vitamin d deficiency increase the risk of bone fracture?

Leads to osteoporosi. Vitamin d deficency leads to loss of bone structure internally (osteoporosis) this leads to bones which can crack or fracture more easily - consult your physician or podiatrist for the proper suppliments.
Weakens bone. Vitamin d plays an important role in bone strength.