What are these monoclonal antibodies?

Abs from one cell. Monoclonal antibodies are those that are produced by the identical immune cells that are descended from the same parent cell. They produce anitibodies that bind to only one epitope or site on an antigen. This means that they are monospecific. This makes them useful in things like research because they can isolate a strain purely and completely.

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Hello. What is the monoclonal antibody? How it works?

There are many. Before hybridoma technology, if we wanted an antibody against something, we had to inject an animal and get a diverse mixture. Today, a single antibody with a specific sequence can be produced in unlimited quantities. It was one of the key breakthroughs in 20th century medicine & a many diagnostic & therapeutic agents resulted.
Monoclonal antibody. A monoclonal antibody means that it is a specific antibody made by a cell, and that all the antibodies are the same. Usually this is done to try to target a specific receptor on a cell or virus. For instance if a scientist finds a susceptible part of a virus and wants to target it, they will try to create an monoclonal antibody to bind to it. This process is done for a multitude of reasons.

What kind of monoclonal antibody is used for treatment bile duct cancer?

Nothing good yet. There is as of yet, no proven monoclonal antibody (moab) for this type of cancer. For some of the GI cancers, anti-egfr antibody like cetuximab (erbitux) has been modestly useful. You can ask your oncologist whether he/she will consider adding this moab to your chemotherapy regimen in case you are still on chemo or being offered chemotherapy with Cisplatin and gemcitabine.

What are monoclonal antibodies?

All the same. Antibodies are complex protein molecules made by the immune system. The have a variable portion that can be made specific to a target. "monoclonal" refers to antibodies whose variable regions are all the same. When directed at specific biological targets, e.g. Inflammatory mediators, they can be used as drugs ("biologics") to modify diseases.
Specific antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies are monospecific antibodies that are the same because they are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell, in contrast to polyclonal antibodies which are made from several different immune cells. Monoclonal antibodies have monovalent affinity, in that they bind to the same epitope.

What are the advantages monoclonal antibodies offer over normal antisera?

More effective. Before Milstein developed the concept of monoclonal antibodies derived from a fused B cell with myeloma cell (hybidoma) all antibodies were polyclonal. They were derived from injecting protein into a horse or cow and extracting the serum which contained antibodies against foreign organisms, and food products. Activity was poor. Monoclonals are now genetically engineered as human and functional.

What is the purpose of monoclonal antibodies?

Diagnosis and Rx. Monoclonal antibodies are used in many diagnostic tests. These are also used in the treatment of some tumors. However, monoclonal immunoglobulins in a person are markers of disease, especially multiple myeloma.

What are the advantages of monoclonal antibodies over normal antiserum?

Specific. Antiserum represents a polyclonal mixture of antibodies that frequently are not tolerated when needed and do not have the same therapeutic effect as a dose of a monoclonal given at 3-4mg./kg. A monoclonal antibody, is a pure antibody obtained from immunized B cells fused with a myeloma cell to give it immortality (a hybrid Ca or oma cell). It is frequently produced in humanized form.

Does the presnce of monoclonal antibodies indcate abnormal condition?

Yes. Monoclonal antibodies are important as medications and diagnostic tools, but if you are making a very large amount of one antibody, it's concerning for plasma cell myeloma. A small spike without other signs of trouble is "monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance" and is a small risk for trouble in years or decades. Find out what's up & I wish you luck.

Could you please describe the process of making monoclonal antibodies and what is their purpose?

Hibidoma formation. Technique of Milstein where protein injected in a mouse. Spleen cells removed and B cells separated. The B cell producing antibody A is fused with a malignant antibody, the new cell type having a fused nucleus and producing one antibody. This new cell is immortalized due to the malignant component and is a hybrid cell called a hybridoma producing an antibody from one clone known as a monoclonal.

Hello. I need some information about the drugs that are monoclonal antibodies and their mechanisms..

Omalizumab - asthma. Good afternoon, omalizumab is a humanized igg1 antibody we use to treat patients with difficult asthma. This antibody blocks ige, which triggers production of sequences of chemical that result in symptoms of allergy. Monoclonal antibodies which are cloned antibodies, are directed against antigens, substances that stimulate an immune reaction. In asthma, it competes with ige and blocks them.