How would adjust to having my husband back home after military service?

Slowly. This is a stressful time both the servicemember and his/her spouse. Unrealistic expectations need to be managed. Reassuming previous roles can be met with some resistance as well. Communication is key, in order to understand the unique challenges each faced during deployment. Good source of info follows: http://www. Realwarriors. Net/family/change/spouses. Php.
It's bittersweet. It will be hard. You've lived your life here, hopefully in touch w/ other military spouses. He's lived a parallel reality & may have seen horrific things that no one should ever have to see. Your relationship is so complex: you are best friends, lovers, yet absolute strangers. Know you aren't alone. Other couples are in the same zone. You still need each other, even more than you know. Talk & talk.
Postdeployment prblm. When a spouse is deployed away from home for more than a short time, the remaining spouse must take over all the duties at home. After deployment, the roles that each partner, and even the children, has will probably change. This is stressful for all, so everyone in the family needs to be ready for these changes and to be flexible and open to discussing and trying out new roles.