How would you check a plastic surgeon's malpractice record?

Check State Website. Most states have a board of medicine website and the licenses and disciplinary actions against doctors are listed on the website. Check your state board of medicine.
Go online. Check national and state databases that list the complaints or status of a physician's license. The state department of health or speciality board website will usually reveal the more adverse issues surrounding a physician's status. I would not trust online reviews since these are extremely subjective and also subject to tampering.
State medical board. If there was a final judgement, there may be a public record available through a lexis-nexus search if you have access. Otherwise, state medical and licensing boards usually have public records of censured physicians or restrictions on practice.
Local med society. . You can search you doctor on line at your local county or state medical society. You may also be able to call them and they may be able to give you the info or direct you where to get it another way is to go to your state court web page and query your doctors name for law suits.
Go to Board website . You are able to check on the american board of plastic surgery website and state medical boards.