What does the future of global healthcare look like?

Globe-good, USA-not. Us spends close to 18% of it's entire gross domestic product on healthcare related stuff, and is 27th in any measurement of happiness as a society. The cost to the next most expensive is half of the us, and a lot happier people. The tsunami is not going to suddenly change directions. It'll take a bigger tsunami to do that. It's a sad thing to watch an empire fall.
Global healthcare. Global issues that need to be addressed as i see it...Obesity. Major worldwide epidemic. Linked to over 20 different medical conditions. In stark contrast to this is the millions who are struggling with a lack of food. There will need to be more of an emphasis on prevention, and more an emphasis on personal responsibility for ones own health. I do see technology greatly improving medical care.
Better to work together! While it is true the us healthcare system has many problems, obamacare is a huge step in the right direction. Many are working now to dismantle obamacare before it can start its major improvements and the primary reason for the fighting is politics. Both parties must label any idea that is not theirs as bad. We got into this mess by playing politics to prevent improvements and we are only going to get out of it by working together.
Great! The future of healthcare has never looked brighter. Science is advancing and stamping out diseases that were major killers. U.S. Healthcare is on the way to dramatic improvements in the way care is delivered and paid for. Obamacare has introduced much needed reforms and is well on the way to ending our being the only developed country in the world to not have a way of insuring all citizens have access to healthcare.