Why is obama's healthcare system broken?

It's not Obama's. America is the most short-sighted country on the globe. Our presidents have actively tried to change the system going back to truman. I led town hall meetings/discussion panels before last election. Obama had the right ideas to make real change, but one by one the teeth were removed, 1st by insurance lobby, then by pharmaceutical lobby, using senators lieberman & snow, and others. Sick society.
Not broken. It is a continuous statement of the opposition that ACA (obamacare) is broken. It in fact in the states that have not opposed it (like Texas) it is working well in those states and has allowed millions to get health insurance who lacked the resources before this was passed. The Supreme Court has twice stopped challenges to this legislation. You will not hear this from Fox or Limbaugh.
About Power;Money. Humans largely ignore health until sick ;/or scared. Physicians are taught about normality ; advanced disease (not health/prevention). Normality is defined as average to include central 96% of any given variable compared to small reference groups. Thus medical system not about health, is reactionary ; treats symptoms of advanced ds. In ways which pay well ; further complicate, not stop, disease.