What is triglycerides?

Fat. Trigylcerides are 3 fatty acids linked to a glycerol molecule. They are used as an energy source for the body and excess triglycerides are deposited in fat (adipose) tissue. If one has an excess of trigylcerides, they can be associated with a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Best of luck!
Triglycerides. A form of fat increased by eating high trans-fats or processed carbohydrates and inversely related to HDL which is the good cholesterol.
Lipids. Which are associated with cardiovascular disease. Statins are recommended for cholesterol, but fibrates and epa fish oil including prescription vascepa are recommended for high triglycerides. This is of course if diet and exercise aren't successful.
Little fats. Triglycerides are fats! They serve as an important energy source, & although vital, we don't need very many at all, and most americans over eat. When this happens, we store trig's as fat, especially on the belly. Although trig's are fats, they go up when we eat simple sugar, especially in liquid form. So cut out juice, pop, sports drinks, etc. Limit alcohol & other sweets too and exercise daily.

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What are triglycerides supposed to be?

Less than 150. The numbers vary according to the reference range of the laboratory where you had test. Usually less 150 is good.

What are triglycerides and what can be done to lower mine?

Fatty acids. Tri glycerides are esters of glycerol and 3 fatty acid chains, and thus the name. They acutely increase with high sugar or alcohol intake. Suggestions to lower tg: exercise, avoid sweets, avoid alcohol, maintain healthy weight, use omega 3 monounsaturated fats when possible. Diabetes and hypothyroidism also raise tg. If appropriate, check for those.

What if triglycerides is 197mg? Is this anything to worry about?

Perhaps. "normal" triglyceride levels are considered <150 mg./dl. For those with levels >500 we worry about increased risk of pancreatitis. For those between 150-500 the concern focuses on heart disease risk, but we do not target the triglycerides, but rather levels of "atherogenic lipoproteins" such as non-hdl cholesterol, apolipoprotein b or LDL particle concentration. See your doctor for an evaluation.

I know that high cholesterol is bad for us is something we all know and live with today, but what about triglycerides?

Acute Pancreatitis. Most evidence suggests that triglycerides above 500 can increase the risk of acute pancreatitis. If levels are this high they need treatment. If the levels are between 150 and 500, there is an increased risk of diabetes but it is not certain that the triglycerides cause this, or are just a marker of obesity and diabetes. Weight loss and cholesterol treatment are most important at these levels.

What causes Triglyceride level to rise in blood in people with CKD? Any particular food to blame?

Depends. It may be a independent issue. Diet/gene are equally involved. Just not eating breakfast / pre-diabetic state will cause it. Fried fatty food will contribute so also obesity and lac of physical activity.
Yes, carbs. Triglycerides increase because of consumption of excess amounts of carbs. Read this short article on lowering triglycerides: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/get-started/ For food ideas, go to: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/category/recipe/

What are triglyceride's? -my doctor called today said they were 150 went up to 186.I don't eat fatty foods. I don't eat that much at all

Triglycerides can be. Elevated by medications or especially by high-glycemic-index carbohydrates (high-fructose corn syrup is major offender). Fast foods like french fries are good example. Limit fried foods, fast foods, high starch foods (potatoes, white bread, rice, pasta). Some people have a genetic disposition to high tg's but your situation may be primarily dietary.