Is triple bypass surgery the same as coronary artery bypass surgery?

Yes it is a type. Yes it's a specific type where 3 arteries are bypassed.
Essentially. Triple bypass refers to 3 bypasses of diseased (occluded) coronary arteries.

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Triple vessel cornary disease with 3 blockages, what are his options other than triple bypass surgery?

Cardiac cripple. To understand the risk/benefit of recommended bypass, start with the risk of non-operative therapy. With medical therapy alone, the risk for ischemic damage to the heart muscle is real. This can lead to death or weak heart muscle, aka cardiac cripple. The surgical risk is real, but lower than non operative risk. Bypass preserves the heart muscle and you stay on medication. Ok to ask your surgeon.
Few. Why so much at 33? Smoker obese diabetic, family positive history? Depending on all the risk factors, coronary grafting is likely the best option along with best behavior and cardiac rehab. Some few stenting may be possible and delay.

What is the mortality rate due to coronary artery bypass surgery?

Around 1% Most patients simple bypass surgery has a 1% mort and morbidity. If pts are older the lv fxn is poor or the pt needs valve surgery the risk goes up. Smokers previous strokes and poor health adds to the post op complications. Diabetics are especially prone to post op infections. The sverely under weight and overweight pts have difficult post op courses.
Depends comorbidity. The society of thoracic surgeons risk calculator determines what was the actual mortality and morbidity on cardiac surgery patients depending on age, weight, renal function, number of vessels involved, left main disease, valvular disease, pulmonary function, cardiac function, existing comorbidities, diabetes, emergency, recent myocardial infarct, salvage, first, second third or more reoperation.

What exactly is "endarterectomy" in coronary artery bypass surgery?

Rare! Endarterectomy is not commonly performed during coronary artery bypass grafting; but in the strict sense of it, it is the removal of the plaque and really part of the inside wall of the artery during the operation. This by the way, is the common way of clearing the carotid arteries (arteries in the neck).
Endarterectomy. A microsurgical arteriotomy is done on the affected coronary. The atheromatous plaque is removed with microvascular instruments, I normally use 5.5x magnification. The arteriotomy is then closed with a vein patch angioplasty or the distal end of a mammary artery or vein graft bypass using 8-0 or 7-0 microsurgical vascular sutures.

Whats life expectancy for those who went through coronary artery bypass surgery?

Yes. Yes certainly. Bypass surgery under the right circumstance is performed to improve quality of life and also longevity. How long one survives after bypass is of course dependent on the age, condition of the heart and overall health at the time of the surgery.