Is a robotic hysterectomy still a major surgery?

Yes. Hysterectomy, regardless of route, is considered a major surgery. Howver, robotic hysterectomy is less invasive than open abdominal hysterectomy with quicker recovery and less pain. So there are definite advantages for robotic or laparoscopic surgery when compared to abdominal hysterectomy. Fortunately, abdominal hysterectomy is not needed very often today.
Yes. Justban advanced technique, but it is still major surgery.
Yes. A robotic hysterectomy is a major surgery because it takes place inside the abdominal cavity and involves dissection of major organs and blood vessels with significant possible risks and complications. On the other hand, using the robot reduces the post-operative pain and recovery time so it feels less "major" than an open procedure.
Yes. It still is a large surgery but recovery is much quicker. Most of my patients who undergo robotic hysterectomy go home the same day and almost all have a full recovery in 2 weeks. Think of it as a big surgery through small incisions.
Intermediate. Laparoscopic hysterectomy, either with or without robotic technology, is minimally-invasive surgery that removes a major organ. Although the abdominal incisions are very small, there is a vaginal incision about 4cm in length that has to heal. We tell our patients 2 weeks of serious convalescence.