How can I soothe sore nipples after breastfeeding?

Lots of ways. Keep your bra off after breastfeeding: let them air dry completely. Don't use a breast pad unless absolutely necessary: the pad traps moisture (leaked milk) like a sweat sock, and can lead to yeast infections and cracked nipples. Apply lanolin to the nipples after they are dry. Change the baby's position when feeding: too much pressure from sucking on the same spot can cause sore nipples.
Milk massage & dry. Some have found aid by using a liittle breast milk as a lotion, massaged into the area, followed by complete air drying. A hair dry on a no heat setting can speed the process. If this isn't helpful check with a lactation consultant.

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What would do about sore nipples from breastfeeding?

Get help. There are several ways you can fix this, but the one thing not to do is to just wait and hope it will get better. A lactation consultant or nurse or doctor can help. If you are sore and cracked, it will cause you pain and put you are risk for infection! Try allowing the nipple to air dry with some breast milk on them after feeds and review the baby's latch on position carefully. Good luck!

Should I be worried about breastfeeding if I have sore nipples?

No. Generally no. Sore nipples may mean a poor latch, so check to make sure baby is latched appropriately. Sore nipples may also signify a yeast infection- you may need prescription creams to treat, but can try over-the-counter Hydrocortisone first and see if it helps. Olive oil massaged into the nipple can also help soreness.
Yes. Keep nursing, but see a doctor or lactation consultant right away! Sore nipples may be a sign of infection, or may just mean your baby is not latching on quite right. Don't get discouraged.
No. Sore nipples (from a baby chomping too strongly during breastfeeding) usually improves as the nipples get "tougher" over a few days. The mom should be sure her baby is latching on properly. Asking a breastfeeding consultant for advice can be helpful, if the nipple soreness is interfering with feeding. Consultants usually are available at the maternity hospital.

What could be wrong with method? I am breastfeeding. Sore nipples.

Latch, positioning. Sore nipples with breastfeeding can be due to a combination of things. Remember baby massages your aerola to nurse. A baby tip feeding on nipples will cause soreness + pain. Positioning matters-both babe + mom need to be comfortable. Also skin irritation, rashes, yeast + bacterial infections can add to soreness. Connect w a lactation consultant or nursing mothers peer group 4 support, ideas.

What could be reasons of sore nipples? I'm not breast feeding and I don't have a baby...

Bra friction. Joggers often get sore nipples from friction. Small amounts of weight gain can increase breast size causing the usual bra to fit too tight. Hormone changes like estrogen from medications can also cause.

My wife says she has been experiencing sharp pains in breasts, sore nipples and pink. She has been breast feeding our new borne. Should we be worried?

Probably not. In the first few days and sometimes week or two of breastfeeding it can be painful. This is especially true if first child. There are many things you can do to relieve pain and the la leche league can be a good resource. If there is localized heat or redness or you have a fever there may be an infection and should see a provider to confirm. Even with infection you do not have to stop feeding.
Probably normal. This presentation sounds like normal breast feeding discomfort. Worrisome signs for masatitis would be a hot swollen breast, tender to touch with red inflamed looking skin. Women should keep their nipples soft to avoid cracking. An easy & inexpensive way to do this is to use cherry flavored chapstick on the nipples. This helps infants latch on to the breast since they like the cherry taste.

I finished my period a week ago and now have sore nipples and tiny spots on the areola. They feel and look as though I am breast feeding?

Hormonal effects. If your period ended "one week ago" and your period is 5-7 days, you may be having a "double ovulation" which produces twice as much estrogen and progesterone, and the levels can mimic early pregnancy. These levels of hormone can have a temporary effect on your areolae, making them tender and slightly swollen. This is not abnormal, but if your next period is "late", get a serum pregnancy test.

I have not had the return of my menstral cycle. I have been breast feeding 13 months. Recently had cramps. Now sore nipples. I'm 41. Confused on sore?

Please Test. I think you very well may need to see your gynecologist, but if you have been sexual without protection it may be wise to get a home pregnancy test.
Menses ; breast milk. It is not uncommon to have an absence of your period while breastfeeding. However, ovulation can still occur as well as pregnancy. Check a pregnancy test first and foremost, then when breast feeding has ceased your period will return if you are not pregnant.