What increases my risk for ruptured ovarian cysts?

Risk of rupture. Many possible reasons for pathological cyst rupture, but significant and catastrophic ruptures are uncommon. Basically the larger the cyst the greater the risk; 2 cm cysts are unlikely, 6 cm cysts and up are very risky. Trauma is the other big risk factor; if ovaries are enlarged above about 5 cm, even intercourse and pelvic exams may risk rupture.

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I have a bilateral ovarian cyst of 6cm and an increase tumor markers did an ovarian cancer profile. Drs here said that I wont be able to conceive and now im 6wks pregnant and the cyst is very much palpable and aching. I'm scared if it will rupture during the

Relax. Consult an obstetrician and gynecology-oncology specialist to monitor the size and content of these ovarian cysts. Most likely they will be benign and can be removed laparoscopically between 16-20 weeks. If malignant, the prognosis is more serious, but your pregnancy (i presumed it is desired) should still be able to reach viability (24 weeks) and even term (37-40 weeks) length. Read more...

What should u expect when a ovarian cyst ruptures.?

Ov. cyst rupture. If you have a ruptured ovarian cyst, you may have no symptoms at all or possibly the sudden onset of lower abdominal pain on one side. It is common for the pain to begin during strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sex. You may have some light vaginal bleeding as well. Read more...