How do chromosomal irregularities relate to premature ovarian failure?

Depends on age. If the premature ovarian failure is diagnosed before the age of 40, chromosomal abnormality must generally be ruled out. It could be related to ovarian cancer risk.

Related Questions

How young can premature ovarian failure occur?

Any age. It can happen at any age after puberty. It is not common though. And sometimes premature ovarian failure is temporary and the normal function may return.
Any Age. Some women never enter puberty. Some women enter menopause as a teenager and for some women it happens later on. So it can occur at any age. That's why it is important to be evaluated for irregular or absent periods, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, etc even at a young age.

How common is it to have premature ovarian failure?

1% 1 out of 100 women have premature ovarian failure, or shutting down of the ovaries before age 40. Many other women have a very early menopause in their early 40's, which really is not normal, even though that is technically not premature ovarian failure. Some women (5%) can later recover some function of their ovaries.

Can premature ovarian failure disallow you to have kids?

Yes. True ovarian failure means the ovaries no longer produce follicle or eggs and that means without donor eggs, pregnancy won't happen. I have seen ovaries start egg production again, especially when chemo or other drugs made them stop prematurely.

Can MS cause premature ovarian failure?

Not directly. Ovarian function can be affected secondarily, if lesions appear in the hypothalamic-pituitary pathways, but perhaps the most direct way likely involves many of the meds we use in ms. All are potentially teratogenic, but Aubagio has the only black box in the pdr for pregnancy, and might be the riskiest of all. Do not really have full knowledge of hormonal effects of the newer drugs currently.

What do docs. Do if premature ovarian failure?

Depends. You have to address pof from two vantage points. One is the general health issues because women with pof are more likely to develop diabetes and thyroid disease as well as other autoimmune disorders. The other issue if the fertility which usually has only one solution which is egg donation. However, women with pof do manage to conceive spontaneously albeit a small percentage.
POI not POF. .. Primary ovarian insufficiency is a much better term - it's not 'failure' or 'menopause' necessarily. We confirm the diagnosis, look for genetic problems like turner syndrome or fragile x and test for autoimmune adrenal disease - these things may affect your health. Treatment may involve hormonal replacement. 5-10% of women with poi get pregnant on their own, but you may need donor eggs to conceive.

Can a home menopause test work for testing for premature ovarian failure?

No. There is a blood test called fsh that can determine if you are in the menopause. Generally levels greater than 25-30 are suggestive of the menopause. Premature ovarian failure (pof) is the cessation of menses before the age of 38; and the most common cause in premature menopause. If you have pof, you should consult your gyn because it can sometimes be associated with other endocrine disorders.

Am 35, have premature ovarian failure, lately had severe sharp pains in right side and now lots white thick discharge, no odour or itch?

Abdominal pain. Premature ovarian failure means you dont ovulate anymore. The pain and discharge can relate to each other. You need to be seen by a doctor to rule out apendicits, pelvic inflamatory disease, and also get a std panel if you haven t had one recently. Hope it helps.
See a doctor. Pelvic pain and vaginal discharge are not typical symptoms of pof. I suggest you to see a gynecologist to do a pelvic ultrasound and pelvic exam to rule out pid or vaginal infection.

I am diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. From january to april I had my cycle once. From april to july no cycle. I have heavy cycle on july?

Ovarian failure. If you've had sparse periods and your ovaries quit functioning, then, there is a good chance that you will not have heavy bleeding because they don't function in cycles like they would if they were up and running.