How will muscle mass affect metabolic rate and weight gain?

Increases metab rate. Muscle and fat weigh the same (pound of fat weighs same as pound of muscle); muscle is denser, so clothes fit better if one is leaner at the same weight. Muscle burns more calories than does fat. Leaner body burns more calories, even at rest, because there is more metabolically active tissue. Often w/ crash diets, there is xs loss of muscle, so you get more flabby w/lower weight.

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Does a long 20 hours flight effect muscle mass and cause weight gain?

No and depends. A 20 hour flight should have no effect on muscle mass. It will only cause weight gain if you eat a large amount of fattening food (like the soft drinks they serve). The greatest hazard to health on a long flight is getting blood clots in your leg; this is best avoided by getting up and walking every couple of hours.Blood thinners like low-dose aspirin (81mg), ginger & fish oil can help prevent. Read more...

Is 56g rda of protein enough if I want to do weight training and to increase muscle mass? Please suggest me ways for healthy weight gain. 6ft and 60kg

Not enough protein. You need 60 grams a day just to not lose weight and muscle mass since you weigh 60 kg and are lean. You need to eat 90 grams a day of complete protein (soy protein or animal source like dairy, eggs, fish or meat) in order to gain muscle mass by lifting weights. Try to take in at least 15 grams of protein within an hour before to an hour after your work out. . Read more...