How many new cases of fibromyalgia are diagnosed each year in developed nations?

Good point. I can't anser that but: in 3rd world countries there is not a term for back pain. Even if not there is still back pain. Just because fibromyalgia is not recognized doesnot mean it is not there. It is made worse by poor exercise, poor sleep and/or poor control of stress. Consider all of these.
3-4% of population.? Cases Fibromyalgia yearly/developed nations. Figure uncertain. Clinical data: 3-4% adults afflicted; mostly females; figure applies trans-culturally; indicatory of no exclusive genetic cause; related to trans-humanness/femaleness: childbirths, hormone Relaxin imparts ligament laxity, delicate pelvises, lesser muscle mass, mundane joint injuries & greater soft tissue loss while ill-sedentary.