How do I thaw my stored frozen breast milk for serving?

See below. I would thaw over night in the refrigerator. Or in warm water, if you need the thawed milk quickly.

Related Questions

What is the best way to store breast milk?

Frozen. In a separate freezer compartment, not a freezer "box" inside a refrigerator.
In the freezer. It is best early on (when your baby is only drinking 2 or 3 ounces of milk at a feeding) to store the milk in tightly ziplocked breast feeding bags in small amounts. Keep them in the very back of your freezer (not in the door area where the temperature fluctuates frequently) for up to 6 months. As your baby gets older, you can store larger amounts at a time.

What are the best ways to store breast milk?

Fridge. You can store breast milk in the refrigerator for up to 8 days and in the freezer compartment for up to 2 weeks. If your freezer has a separate door, you can store breast milk for 3-6 months. Be sure to clean containers (plastic or glass) in a dishwasher or wash with hot, soapy water. It's best to fill individual containers with the amount of milk your baby will need for just one feeding.
See below. Freezing breast milk provides the longest storage. In the refrigerator, I would not store for longer than 24 hours.

Is it better to store breast milk in bottles or bags?

Either will do well. You can choose your preference bags or bottles as long as they are made especially for storage. My wife used/uses the lansinoh breastmilk storage bags.
See below. If the plastic bags are bpa free they are probably ok. The safest will always be glass bottles that have been sterilized between use.

What is the best way to store breast milk I have pumped?

Freeze it! Breast milk should be stored in sterile plastic bags or containers, about 2 oz at a time. It can be frozen and stored for several months. Label the bag with the date. It can also be kept in the refrigerator if it will be used within 48 hours. Remember, when you defrost the milk, do not put it in the microwave! This can cause hot spots and may destroy some of the milks nutrients.
Fridge or freezer. Breastmilk can be stored in the refrigerator for several days and in the freezer for 3-4 months. The white blood cells in the milk die in the freezer lessening the milk's anti-infective properties slightly so if you're pumping at work for the next day's use, store the milk in sterile bags or bottles in the fridge. But if you're not sure when it will get used it's best to store it in the freezer.

How long can breast milk be frozen?

6 months. Refrigerated milk must be used within 24-48 hours, but properly frozen breast milk can be safely stored for up to 6 months.
6 months. In the back of the freezer or in a deep freeze with a consistent temperature, breast milk may remain good for up to 6 months. Avoid placing the milk in the door of the freezer as the temperature will not remain constant.