How can I sustain my emotional well-being during high-risk pregnancy?

Family support. It's great to have good family support, try to be healthy, follow your doctors recommendations and try to get enough rest. Most high risk pregnancies have a good outcome so keep that in mind, and also pregnancy is only 9 months long :).

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Do I need cervical surveillance during high risk pregnancy? Have had 3 d & cs and 1 leep procedure all over 15 years ago

Maybe. At 39, you are considered high risk. You will be getting an early ultrasound. If your early ultrasound reveals a short cervix you will be getting cervical surveillance starting at 16 weeks. If you have had 1 preterm birth or more than 2 miscarriages in the past, then automatically you will be placed for cervical surveillance at 16 weeks. Hope this helps.

What can I do for extreme constipation during a high risk pregnancy?

Various. Metamucil, fibercon, drinking plenty of fluids, miralax, (polyethylene glycol) glycerin suppository.
Increase fiber. Increase the fiber in your diet is an easy and safe place to start.
Prune juice. May not taste good but works well. Enemas are helpful if really compacted.
A few things. Increase the fiber content in your diet, consider eating prunes, if these are ineffective, your doctor can prescribe a medication for constipation.

Am I considered a high risk pregnancy? This is my second pregnancy my doctors office told me that they would review my file and decide if I could come to there office for this pregnancy as well I was put on strict bed rest while told to wait. I suffer fr

I. I am so sorry that you are going through all of that. You would be considered a high-risk pregnancy, so it is good that your doctor is trying to decide the best course of care for you so that you can have successful pregnancy.