If a person with COPD and CHF has constant reflux, what does it mean?

See below. There is a relation between asthma and reflux. People especially with adult asthma are more likely to have reflux. The relation is not well understood but perhaps the reflux of acid damages the lung tissue especially if the person also tends to aspirate into the lungs. Also nerves connected to the esophagus may due to reflux cause the airway to constrict. Lungs mirror the GI tract, someone said.
Meds? There is a relationship between lung disease and reflux but the association with COPD is not as well established as with asthma. The answer may be in the medication the person is taking. Certain blood pressure medications and some COPD medicine can cause reflux.

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If someone with COPD and CHF has constant reflux, what does it mean?

Reflux. Having COPD and CHF certainly doesn't mean you can't also have reflux as they are not typically related.. Ironically, some of the medications used to treat COPD and CHF can worsen reflux. Reflux can worsen copd. Read more...
GERD... Gastroesophageal reflux disease occurs when stomach acid goes into the esophagus. This can cause wheezing so treatment is needed, especially in patients with COPD and CHF as these diseases can cause wheezing, too, and the treatment for wheezing due to gerd is different than COPD or CHF therapy. Read more...