How can I prevent an eye injury when working in the garden?

Alertness, glasses. Most eye injuries in the garden are from branches striking the unprotected eye. So wear safety glasses and be alert. Also take caution around things like lawn mowers and power equipment which may launch something towards your eye. Note also that someone near you could be affected by debris set flying by a lawnmower or cutting machinery like power saws.

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How can I prevent eye injuries when working on the car?

Eye protection! Wear safety glasses, goggles, or face shields when you hammer nails or metal, work with power tools or chemicals, or do any activity that might cause a burn to your eyes. If you work with hazardous chemicals that could splash into your eyes, know how to flush chemicals out, and know the location of the nearest shower or sink. Wear a mask or goggles designed for welding if needed. Read more...