What must I expect after lasik?

Dryness. Expect your eyes to be dry afterwards (sometimes permanently) and you may have some glare to night. Also, lasik is for distance vision only (unless you get monovision) so expect to use reading glasses if you are 45 or older.
LASIK . Your procedure will take 8-10 minutes. Your flaps are usually made first and then the laser correction is performed subsequently. There is generally no pain. After the procedure may be mildly scratchy for a day or two. Visual recovery is rapid with most patients able to drive the next morning.
FREEDOM. Seriously, one million patients have Lasik each year to throw away their glasses or contact lenses and regain their freedom. What is standing in your way.. There is no pain. 99.99% have successful outcomes. Kissing is more fun without glasses Call Dr.Donnenfeld in the city.

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What must I expect after having lasik?

Expect good vision. Expect good vision the next day and excellent vision within a few days to a week or so. Expect some glare, haloes, eye fatigue, mild fluctuating vision and dryness for a few weeks. Read more...
After LASIK . After lasik, vision improves rapidly, some scratchiness early on, no pain, some glare and haloes early on which resolve with time, some dry eye early on which resolves with time, and some vision fluctuation early on until eyes heal. Read more...