What does lasik involve?

Reshaping the cornea. First a flap is created on your cornea with a blade or laser. It is then lifted and a laser is used to reshape your cornea (flatten it or make it more steep), then the flap is put back down. It's blurry for a few days and feels scratchy. Eventually, your distance vision should be excellent.
What is Lasik. Lasik involves the surgical steps by the eye surgeon to treat & remove the refractive error of your eyes. This 1st step starts with a healthy eye & that is determined at the evaluation (s). The next is to measure your eye's prescription & find out if that qualifies. Then you will get your pre-op instructions & drops. Then on the big day you will arrive, check in, get a valium, lay down & get lasik.
LASIK. Your procedure will take 8-10 minutes. Your flaps are usually made first and then the laser correction is performed subsequently. There is generally no pain. After the procedure may be mildly scratchy for a day or two. Visual recovery is rapid with most patients able to drive the next morning.