How will parathyroid hormone affect vitamin d absorption?

Vit D helps the. Intestines absorb calcium. However, the vitamin d must first be activated or by parathyroid hormone (pth). Once activated, vitamin d acts to greatly increase the amount of calcium that the intestines can absorb from food, sometimes by as much as two to four times. The body can either make its own vitamin d using a process that requires sunlight or obtain vitamin d directly from the diet.

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My cousin has low vitamin d, high calcium levels, but has normal parathyroid hormone levels. What could cause this? Doesn't make sense to me.

Many possiblities. While hyperparathyroidism is by far the most common cause of elevated serum calcium, there are many other possible causes. Hopefully your cousin does not have cancer, the next most common cause, but there are still many other possibilities. It is important for your cousin to see a good doctor to find the cause. See http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/hypercalcemia/ds00976/dsection=causes.

What range is considered normal for parathyroid hormone and vitamin d in children?

PTH and vitamin D. Unfortunately we don't have specific pediatric values for both. However for PTH (a range of 10-60pg/ml) and for vitamin d. 30ng/ml are considered normal.

My 25-OH Vitamin D (Total) - <4.2 ng/ml; Intact Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) - 8.23 pg/ml; Calcium - 9.62 mg/dl. Tryglysarides>532; Creatine-normal.

Question? Not sure what u'r exact Q is, but u'r Trig are way too high and your Vit D is low. Sun is main factor for Vit D, but if u are risk u need supplementation. Call doc. Most start with Ergocalceferol 50, 000 Units weekly for 8 weeks with low #rs u have. Watch u'r starch and sweets consumption to lower Trig. I may need medicine like Niaspan (niacin) or Fenofibrate also. Movement is key, aka exercise.

My parathyroid hormone is very low. Vitamin d, calcium and TSH are normal. Does this matter?

Yes. Parathyroid hormone controls calcium metabolism and cause hypocalcemia. You have to periodically monitor blood calcium level.
No. I assume you have not had any surgery to remove parathyroids. How low was the level. And I would want to know what the vitamin d level was. Many labs report normal bit I consider 30 to be low for vitamin d. Increase vitamin d replacement by 2000 if it is 30 or less. Why were these levels checked? Where you having problems? What symptoms?

Vitamin D:9. Calcium: 4.2. PTH: 124. Ultrasound & MRI showed nothing on thyroid or parathyroid. What could be wrong with me? I am 24.

Vit D. Vitamin D:9. Calcium: 4.2. PTH: 124. Ultrasound &amp; MRI showed nothing on thyroid or parathyroid. What could be wrong with me? I am 24. ANS: need normal values for these from your lab. Before can help.