Can you explain growth hormone deficiency?

A pituitary problem. Growth hormone is made by a gland called your pituitary gland (which lies very close to your brain). It does many things for your body other than help you to grow. Growth hormone deficiency is a condition where for whatever reason your pituitary makes less of it than is considered normal. Testing for this is complicated, usually takes multiple steps, and should be overseen by an endocrinologist.

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What is adult growth hormone deficiency?

Deficiency of hGH in. Very rare, unless you have had prior pituitary surgery or radiation. Even more rare is aghd due to head trauma. Most quack doctors make the diagnosis to sell hgh. See a real endocrinologist.
Mysterious. Along with "hypophyseal-pituitary axis disorder", this is a poorly-understood. There's no doubt that some older adults feel much better when supplemented with a bit of growth hormone. And it's a popular diagnosis for quacks to sell growth hormone to troubled souls. A specialist knows how to do the lab work but there's no hard-and-fast criteria yet.

What can cause growth hormone deficiency?

Lots of things. Congenital pituitary abnormalities, brain tumors, brain injuries, radiation to the brain, oxygen deprivation, hereditary gh deficiency, etc. In many pediatric cases, it's iatrogenic because the cause is still unknown.

What happens with growth hormone deficiency?

Ghd. In adults it causes increased fat mass, poor activity tolerance, decreased lean body mass, high cholesterol, osteopenia, osteoporosis, early heart disease.

What are signs of growth hormone deficiency?

GH deficiency. For kids: growth failure, possible fatty liver, lipid abnormalities. In babies, hypoglycemia. For adults, same as for kids except growth and hypoglycemia. Additionally, depression, decreased muscle tone, endurance, osteoporosis, etc.

Growth hormone deficiency- how can it be cured?

Treated. Hi. Growth hormone deficiency can be treated, not cured. Like type 1 diabetes on insulin or hypothyroidism on thyroid hormone; insulin treats the diabetes but doesn't cure it and thyroid hormone treats the hypothyroidism but doesn't cure it. Growth hormone deficiency doesn't have to be treated, but if it is treated, it's with growth hormone replacement.

What causes a growth hormone deficiency problem?

Pituitary activity. There are several reasons why children or adults can have a pituitary that is unable to make enough hgh for adequate growth or metabolic wellbeing. Consult a real endocrinologist if you think you or your child may have a deficiency of gh.

What can be done about growth hormone deficiency?

Replacement. With hgh especially if your child is not growing. Adults are a different matter. Many with adult gh deficiency do not need or wish replacement. If it is you than be tested by a real endocrinologist - too many quacks tout hgh for longevity in adults who do not have gh deficiency.
Replace it. Hgh is available to use for fda approved indications in children with gh deficiency and some other causes of small stature. Adults wtih gh deficiency may also be entitled to replacement. It's available in daily injection form.

How do I know if I have a growth-hormone deficiency?

GH stim test. Hi. To test if you're GH-deficient (GH-D), a screening IGF-1 can be drawn. If it's well in the normal range, GH-D is unlikely. Stringent diagnostic criteria require doing a GH-stimulation test. This is done either by injection insulin IV to cause hypoglycemia (stimulates GH in normals but) or infusing arginine & GH-releasing hormone (stimulates GH in normals). GH-D has diagnostic criteria in tests.
Very rare in adults. In children GH deficiency may be suspected if the child is short and growth is slow. GH deficiency is usually something you are born with and rarely shows up in adults unless they have had surgery or radiation in the area of the pituitary gland. If that is the case you should see an endocrinologist but if not GH deficiency is very very unlikely.

Please explain why is growth hormone deficiency bad?

As a child. You will not grow to your full potential. As an adult, growth hormone deficiency is less clear-cut, but can lead to loss of energy, muscle, mental agility and the like. Check w/your physician if you're concerned.