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What's congestive heart failure and anemia?

Yes. These are generally 2 independent problems. Yes, both anemia and congestive heart failure can occur at the same time.

What are some preventive health screening needed for a female 48 years old. I currently have high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia low hemoglobin, heart mumor, arthritis, diagnosed a high risk of congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, morbid obessed

Based. Based on your post, you are dealing with quite a few major medical problems. My first piece of advice is to visit your primary care provider regularly for management of all your issues. Also you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to including diet and exercise. You may request to see a nutritionist for a detailed plan. Also you need to inquire about a condtion called sleep apnea and possible sleep studies. As far a preventative health screening for your age, you should have a yearly mammogram and pap smear. When you turn 50 you will need a colonoscopy and screening for osteoporosis. Best of luck.
See below. Apart for the blood pressure, diabetes control, anemia and so forth, you need to make sure that straight forward things like a pap smear and breast examination are also taken care of.

What causes right-sided heart failure?

RV failure. The commonest cause of right heart failure is left heart failure. After left heart failure causes include pulmonary vascular disease, pulmonary parenchymal disease, congenital heart disease, myocardial disease and valvular heart disease and others.

What are causes of right sided heart failure?

Many. Most common cause of r sided failure is l sided failure. Pulmonary hypertension, primary lung diseases and valvular problems can also produce this.

What are likely causes of this heart failure and treatments?

Complicated. This is a very complex topic with books written on the subject. There are different types and causes of heart failure and depending on type, cause, and severity, treatment would vary. The most common cause of heart failure is coronary artery disease. Treatment is with medications +/- revascularization.

Does cardiomegaly cause heart failure?

Sortof related. Well they are related. Heart failure usually results in cardiomegaly but the cardiomegaly is more of a result of certain problems which also cause heart failure.
Cardiomegaly. Cardiomegaly is a description of the heart size. Heart faliure is a clinical syndrome of breathlessness and swelling. Not all people with large heart have heart faliure i. E athletes.
Possible relation. Cardiomegaly is an anatomical diagnosis which means that the heart is enlarged. Heart failure is a disease state known as congestive heart failure or chf. There are many causes of CHF and cardiomegaly is but one and really not the primary issue.

What causes infection in the blood and heart failure?

Usually bacteria.. When bacteria enter the bloodstream, a condition called sepsis can result where the cardiovascular system reacts violently in a systemic inflammatory response. A severe drop in blood pressure, multiple organ failure, and heart dysfunction can occur, which can lead to impaired heart function or heart failure.