Are there cures for congestive heart failure?

Control but no cure. Over a period of 15 years or so, various new treatments have been introduced which have led to a much improved outlook for people with heart failure. Http://patient. Info/health/heart-failure-leaflet.
Depends. There are many causes of congestive heart failure (chf). Some, like a viral cause or peripartum cardiomyopathy may reverse themselves once the offending agent is no longer present. Some, like an alcohol induced cause may reverse if a person abstains some like an ischemic or valvular cause may get partly better if blood flow is restored or the valve fixed. Some do not respond to any treatment.
Good Tx: Yes; Cures? Since most common cause atherosclerosis > coronary artery disease (even if lumens ok on angiography) > reduced blood flow ; heart muscle damage, aggressive treating factors driving atherosclerosis [lipoproteins (not cholesterol) blood sugar, bp, etc. (to abnormally healthy levels], remove excess body water, keep BP low nl, treat with acei (aceon (perindopril) 1 of best) ; carvedilol, can greatly improve/reverse.