If there is a simple answer to the question, must I or mustn't I take hormone replacement?

No. It's complicated based upon symptoms, recently menopausal or not, family history, modality of delivery, etc. Your gyn md can explain in more detail.
Yes there is.. All hormones in your body serve a specific function and are ALL necessary for you to live an optimal life. Menopausal women loose a lot of those functions. Those women who desire to retain their sanity, their sexual function, their enjoyment of life and their sense of well being start by restoring their hormonal balance. BI Hormones can help restore that balance between your mind, body & spirit.
No medical agreemen. There is definitely no medical agreement on hormone replacement. There are several points of controversy particularly when dealing with synthetic hormones. Natural hormone therapy on the other hand has a goal of using bio identical hormones to replace what your body's hormone deficiencies. If you take this approach with the goal of restoring the body to its natural hormone balance there's far less controversy but a significant amount of skepticism.