Which drugs are used to manage coarctation of the aorta?

Depends. Blood pressure medications are generally the primary medicines for coarctation diagnosed in adults. The ultimate treatment nearly always requires either surgery or a catheterization. Please discuss this with your cardiologist.
Anti-hypertensives. The fundamental problem is mechanical, with a blockage to blood flow in the aorta. Therefore, the true cure is surgical correction, but this is reserved for those with severe obstruction or associated complications. The most common consequence is high blood pressure (i.e. Proximal to the obstruction), which is sometimes very hard to control, and this is where medications come into play.
Antihypertensive rx. Antihypertensive medications should be used in treatment for coarctation patients.It however is only supportive therapy and a mechanical intervention (stent vs surgey) will be required.Bacterial endocarditis prohylaxis should also be used in this patient poulation for such procedures as dental work etc.