Will I be told about the organ donor before my liver transplant?

Yes. You have the right to know any pertinent medical information about your potential donor. Of you are not told you should ask and you always have the right to refuse an organ without losing your place on the list.
Necessary informatio. The recipient has a right to know as much about the liver donor that can affect the outcome of the transplant. Usually age, gender, cause of death, and any other donor disease that can be transmitted with the transplant or affect the outcome will be discussed with you by your transplant team.

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Is there anywhere in the usa that does living donor liver transplant? Me and my family are being told no.

It is done in the US. One can just call up the nearest medical center or university medical center, and as for the liver transplant department, and the operator should be able to help. The living donor just donates a part of his liver. Read more...
Pittsburgh. I would look into the starzl transpalnt institute at upmc. Drs. Marsh and humar have been doing them for many years. In florida you may want to look into the miami program. Read more...