How is a j-pouch done?

The first steps. For the creation of a small intestinal pelvic pouch, also known as a j-pouch is to remove the colon and rectum. Then the pouch is made by folding the small intestine into the shape of a "j" - and sewing the sides of each limb together. The base of the j is sewn to the anal muscles.
It is an operation. J pouch is an operation to preserve continence in patients requiring removal of colon for either ulcerative coliitis or crohn's colitis. It can be done in 2 or three stages depending on the severity of the patient's illness and the presence or absence of steroids.

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How is a laparoscopic j-pouch procedure done?

Very carefully... A j-pouch is constructed from your own small intestine. The intestine is doubled over on itself for a few inches into a "j" where the bottom part of the j is fashioned into a common channel, or a pouch, using a surgical stapler. The purpose is to create a pouch where stool can be stored so that the patient doesn't have to run to the rest room all the time. Read more...
Carefully! Using 4-5 small incisions we free up all the attachments of the colon and rectum. Then we divide the rectum above the anal muscles or sphincters and make an extraction incision. About 3 inches in size. After removal of the colon and rectum we create the pouch and then attach it to the anal muscles. Sometimes you need a bikini incision to help with the pelvic part of the surgery. Read more...