How is a rectal exam performed?

Routine exam. Includes a rectal. Two positions: lying on side, bending over. With women it can be done as part of pelvic lying on back using fingers in vagina and rectum. A glove & lubricant are always used. The exam in men chcecks prostate as ewll as rectum, in women recto-vaginal septum. Stool on the glove is used to detect occult blood. A good exam should be thorough but not painful.

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How is a rectal exam performed? How is a patient positioned for the exam? Is an erection normal after a rectal exam?

First rectal exam? Examining practitioner will ask you to pull down your pants, either bend forward or lay on your side, & with a gloved finger will gently insert it into your rectum. The exam takes brief seconds, but permits assessment of rectal tenderness, masses, bleeding from the gut, rectal/anal tone, visual anal inspection, & your prostate. Rarely, expression of prostate fluid or erection may occur. Be well-- Read more...