What can someone do for a bad cough with chest pain?

Antitussives. The best relief from cough is prescription medication. Usually this comes in two main forms 1) non-narcotic 2) narcotic. Most of the non narcotic forms use antihistamines or affect the cough receptors themselves (ie benzonoate). Narcotic cough medications usually contain either Codeine or a synthetic Codeine (like hydrocodone).
Needs Eval... Depending on how long the cough has been present, the chest pain is likely musculoskeletal especially if it worsens with coughing or deep breathing. The etiology of the cough needs to be determined so therapy can be initiated. A doctor needs to evaluate the cough and testing may be needed to diagnose and treat the cough.

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I've had a bad cough for two years and was told it's acute bronchitis 6 times. Now I have chest pain/shortness of breath/wheezing. What do I do?

Mgt. An inbox consultation is available and the imaging may be reviewed at that time. The imaging can be uploaded for review. Have you had a CF sweat test? Do you have a history of sinusitis or other infections? There are several possible causes and I would suggest an appointment. Read more...

Dr found 7mm nodule on chest xray in sept. Been having bad chest pains and developed a bad cough. Should I wait another 3 months for recom follow up?

Different problems. The nodule will need surveillance, most likely a CT, your symptoms need immediate attention since they may not be at all related to the nodule. Would recommend calling your doc for a sick visit as soon as possible. Read more...

Woke up today w bad cough, no sputum (non-productive) that causes chest pain. Minor trouble breathing, runny nose, temp 99.2 f. cold or bronchitis?

Both. A cold is an upper respiratory infection. Acute bronchitis is also an upper respiratory infection. I would say you have both: acute bronchitis caused by a cold. The risk is that you may have a LOWER respiratory infection (i.e. pneumonia) - the fever is the worrisome sign. You need to be seen by your doctor ASAP. Sometimes antibiotics really are needed! Read more...