What are the benefits of reducing your insulin levels?

Less weight gain, . Less fatty tissue deposition particularly in the abdomen, and if injectable, less risk of hypoglycemia.
Insulin resistance. High Insulin levels (hyperinsulinemia) is associated with more diabetes and heart disease risk. Insulin resistance is increased with certain ethnicities and obesity. Reducing Insulin levels =increasing Insulin sensitivty. This can delay diabetes, restore menstrual periods, and also reduce cardiac risk.
If you're obese and. Insulin resistant, you can lower your Insulin level by diet, exercise and weight reduction. This takes some of the load off your pancreas as it doesn't have to produce as much extra insulin. If you're on Insulin injections, the lower the dose the better as it reduces risk of low blood sugar and stimulation of excess food intake. Insulin can be a toxin in excess amounts, .
Avoiding Diabetes. While many type i need Insulin (ideally+amylin) to stay alive, essentially no type ii needs it, though commonly prescribed because 1st discovered & marketed tool. Insulin triggers cells to ? sugar uptake, including fat cells, & liver+muscle cells down regulate response in order to protect themselves from the ?Ed sugar (called Insulin resistance). Thus go hflc & ?? carb(sugar) food; see: dietdoctor.