When must I monitor my blood glucose levels so often?

Varies. How often to check your blood sugar depends on how you are using that information. If you are adjusting your Insulin based on blood sugars, you need to test a minimum of before each meal; you may also need to test after some meals to evaluate the effectiveness of the mealtime doses.

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What steps must I follow to monitor my blood glucose levels and what supplies would I need?

Depends on monitor. Your doctor will tell you how often to test. You will need a blood glucose monitor, test strips, control solution, and lancets. The exact supplies may be specific to the type of monitor you have. Most allow you to test on multiple locations, not just your finger. I would recommend following the specific instructions that come with your monitor.

Now that I am pregnant, how often should I monitor my blood glucose levels?

Depends. If you are diabetic follow dr advice. If not diabetic wait until your glucose test ordered by your doctor. Regular testing is not otherwise recommended.

What method is used for monitoring blood glucose levels in diabetic patients?

3 means. Hi. there are fundamentally 3 means to assess blood sugar. Finger stick blood glucose is the old standard, around since about 1980. A1c reflects a roughly 3-month average blood glucose. Lastly, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an amazing new tool I use tons in my practice; patients (myself included) LOVE it! All 3 have their places in diabetes management. Good luck!

What method is used for monitoring blood glucose levels in diabetic patients?

Monitoring glucose. Monitoring glucose depends on what type and degree of diabetes you have. If you are type 1 - unlikely in the 40's - you will need insulin all day, every day and measure regularly Medicine for type 2 diabetes may require a good diet and just one pill or you may need more and stronger medicine and possibly insulin. The fewer meds the less often you need to measure. The more insulin - more checking.

What are the benefits of self-monitoring blood glucose levels if not diabetic?

None. There is no need to monitor blood glucose levels if you are not diabetic. If you are in the pre-diabetic range, it would be useful to lose about 10% body weight, exercise about 30 minutes each day and adopt a diet suitable for a diabetic.