What causes diabetes 1?

Antibodies. Type i diabetes is caused by antibodies that attack the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas so that they are no longer able to make insulin.
Obesity. Type 1: anti bodies attack pancreas, therefore pancreas produces very little or no insulin. However, most people have type 2 dm most often cause by obesity. Role of Insulin is to take glucose (sugar) from blood into muscles. When some has weight problem, it is like doors are closed and Insulin cannot do its job and blood sugar keeps going up.

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What causes diabetes difference type 1 and 2?

Genes. Type 1 diabetes is typically genetic although environmental factors may trigger the disease. Type 2 diabetes has a genetic predisposition, but can be brought on by non-genetic causes such as chronically poor diet and inactivity. Read more...

What causes diabetes mellitus type 1 to develop in children?

Autoimmunity. Autoimmune destruction of beta cells in the islets of pancreas abrogates the ability to produce insulin. This may be instigated by viral infection, however no specific agent has been identified. Read more...